Mobile Payments.. Not today!

It has been revealed that

Forrester (an independent technology market research company) have conducted interviews with 10 of the countries (UK) biggest senior executives. This research, which has been commissioned by PayPal, has discovered that in around 4 years, NFC technology will be fully integrated into the way we buy things from almost anywhere. It is predicted that 2016 will be the year in which we can pay for items, big or small, with our mobile phones.

Now, for me, NFC technology is great but I wouldn’t want to use it to pay for my food shopping, media purchases and whatever else is decided it can be used for. I don’t think using a mobile phone to pay for things is secure and practical. Here’s why:

I’m never without my wallet. My wallet has my cards in which I use to pay for things, most of the time. The cards are secured with chip and pin and, as far as I’m aware, not many places use signatures anymore. Sometimes I forget to pick up my phone when I’m leaving the house and, if it’s frustrating for me now, it will be even more frustrating for those who decide to leave their wallet at home assuming that they have their phone on them somewhere.

I’m not a fan of having card details stored on mobile phones. Some phones have little programs where you store personal information such as: card details, passwords etc. I think it was called a Wallet or something. It’s all encrypted which is grand in a world where people don’t know how to hack into things and break complex encryption keys. There will always be a way round this sort of security and, in the wrong hands, you could find yourself with a credit card bill for a week on a luxury yacht. This is not what I want. No matter how secure the mobile phone companies say it is, it’s never going to be unbreakable.

I’ll be sticking with good old cash and card payments. At least I know that if somebody picks my pocket, they’re getting some petty cash and cards which they can’t use. If they lift my phone, they’re getting an expensive device with the capability to buy anything. Screw that.



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