Black Ops 2 with a predictable release date…


Is what the Spanish and Portuguese store FNAC recently put on their website. This comes as no surprise as it seems all the latest CoD games have been released in the month before Christmas. Why the month before Christmas? Have a guess… When do most people do their Christmas shopping?

As it stands, this hasn’t been confirmed by the developers and neither has the name ‘Black Ops 2’. This doesn’t mean that the name won’t stay the same. After all, Modern Warfare went with the simple 2 and 3 additions and didn’t really think of an imaginative title.

What we know so far is that Black Ops 2 is sure as hell in production. At what stage, nobody but the developers know. (France) listed Black Ops 2 on their site, but it was quickly pulled down.

Activision have also purchased which doesn’t mean much, unless you want to think of them simply protecting the copyright to that particular URL. Activision must definitely have something on the cards. The first installment sold around 14 million copies so it’s not as if a sequel wouldn’t be as popular, if not more so.

Recently, the whole CoD franchise has been slated for being boring and that Activision are just selling the same old tripe every other year. In my opinion, changing a winning formula would be suicide. The Black Ops campaign had a very good story and, although the way it was played was quite generic, because of the story it worked. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting Castro in the head! I found trekking through the Vietnamese jungle and sneaking up on unsuspecting Viet Cong (or whoever they were) to be more than thrilling. If you didn’t enjoy the Black Ops campaign, you probably won’t enjoy any war based campaign, ever. Nope. Never ever. Seriously.

Attack the VC! via HardToast

The multiplayer to Black Ops is still something I play to this day. I’ve only had my Xbox since June 2011 but even before then, I was playing it on the PS3. I must have worked up quite a lengthy play time on that game which may only be matched by Fallout 3 (another game which I have an unhealthy passion for). The map packs became a little dull, but I warmed to them. Hazard, at first, was a map I only felt hate and loathing for. Now, I can snipe a sucker from a distance, in a snap and still manage to do better than the damn campers. The only thing the map packs should have done was have 4 multiplayer maps and 2 zombies maps.

I love zombies mode on Black Ops. It’s one of my favourite past times. The maps, towards the end, became unplayable for me. The lengthy challenges to unlock achievements were boring. I attempted the Shangri-La challenge a countless number of times and it frustrated me to the point where I haven’t played it since the week it was released. The same can be said for Moon, which has an even longer player challenge. Not to mention, the map is very big and takes a long time to build up points and perks. My favourite Zombie maps are Ascension, Der Riese and Kino. I did enjoy Call of the Dead but George and his incessant whining got to be a real pain the rear.

FU George... FU via GameFront

So, hopefully, you’ve picked up a bit of info you didn’t have before and that would make me super happy! If not, screw you.



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  1. Richard says:

    I already knew this, so I guess it’s screw me 😦

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