About Me

Well hello there!

I’m James, I’m a computing student at university and I drive a purple Fiesta!

I like to be spontaneous and just do whatever comes to mind.

I like to be relaxed and stress free so please, don’t be hatin’!

I’m into a bit of everything.

Things I like most are:

+ Music

+ Films

+ Reading

+ Computers

+ Gaming

I like to geek it up as much as possible so you might find me watching Anime, reading comics or even writing for my own enjoyment! I like to cook and I’m pretty domesticated… Not that this is an advert for how awesome I am or anything. There’s probably a few people who will tell you I’m awesome but you shouldn’t really listen to them. I’m quite modest, really… honest!

I’m fond of quite a few things and it doesn’t seem as if anybody actually reads the ‘About Me’ section of any social networking site, so I’ll leave it at that little list and pray nobody decides to ask me any more! But, obviously, you can ask me if you like!

If you’ve bothered to read this, good on you, if not, “Get your lousy, no good keester off my property, before I pump your guts full of lead!” Either way, you’ll like me and you know you will.


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